Angela Long

Angela Long

Director of Client Services

Planning and organizing are my “things”. From a very young age, I discovered that I had big dreams. But, with those big dreams came a burden to figure out how to make those dreams happen. I enjoyed planning out how I was going to accomplish my goals. I would map out what I wanted to achieve and then plan steps on how to get there. Don’t get me wrong, life has definitely thrown obstacles in my path that have caused me to reevaluate my goals and thus re-organize my plan. That’s the beauty of this life though. You can go about the day to day and be happy or you can focus on your dreams and work toward accomplishing them. So, while I didn’t plan to not start college until I turned 30 or to have children at a young age, my ability to plan and reorganize my goals has brought about so many great things that I wouldn’t change it at all.

I have an amazingly supportive husband, 2 beautiful daughters, and 6 grandchildren who fill my days with lots of excitement. I have a degree in Mathematics and Education. I love doing puzzles and traveling to warm, sunny beaches.

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